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Cidos PSMZA -How to study in Cidos PSMZA

Blended learning

Cidos (Center for International Development of Science and Technology) cidos psmza is using blended learning activities in its educational program. The aim of this study is to determine the acceptability of blended learning at PSMZA, and to identify its benefits and disadvantages. To this end, the research sample comprises lecturers from different academic departments of PSMZA, who answered a questionnaire. The findings show that most lecturers accept the blended learning approach.

CIDOS is an educational technology platform designed to help teachers improve teaching practices in polytechnics. The system incorporates online and blended learning activities. The aim is to make teaching and learning more flexible and accessible. This method of learning also facilitates assessments.

Integrated learning platform

The Integrated Learning Platform for Cidos PSMZA consists of a series of MOOCs aimed at enhancing learners’ knowledge and skills. The program uses various learning techniques, such as video lectures, online tutorials, and interactive exercises, and also offers an assessment tool.

The MOOCs are designed for students of all levels. They are available online and offer flexible study schedules. The program can be accessed via a PC, iPad, or mobile device. It can help students understand and apply concepts more quickly. It is particularly useful for people with a hectic schedule. The MOOCs also provide the opportunity to improve communication between students.

PSMZA is an integrated learning management system that provides courses and a learning environment that is both secure and customized for each student. The system provides both online and offline training for a variety of courses including electrical, mechanical, and automotive technology courses.

Effectiveness of blended learning

In this study, we investigated the effectiveness of blended learning in medical education. We involved 130 medical students at various clinical levels. They were given a pretest questionnaire and educational compact disk, then had a presence class session using problem-solving and question-and-answer methods. We then administered a posttest questionnaire two to four weeks later. The posttest questionnaire was used to assess students’ perceptions of blended learning.

Blended learning has several benefits. For one, it allows for a higher level of employee engagement. It also allows for the use of diverse digital learning resources, including e-learning and virtual classrooms. Further, blended learning can be customized to suit a person’s learning style.

Acceptability of blended learning among PSMZA lecturers

Acceptability of blended learning among PSMZA lecturer participants has been studied using a questionnaire. The study involved 270 respondents who represented different academic departments at the Polytechnic of Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. Data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) 20.0 software. The results showed a high reliability index of 0.933. This study focused on the level of acceptance and impact of Blended Learning. Results showed that the majority of respondents viewed Blended Learning as beneficial.

Students expressed concerns about the workload involved in blending courses. For example, the e-learning component of the course involves background reading and pre-learning activities, which students admitted would be unfeasible if delivered in a traditional lecture. Students were also concerned that the lecturers would try to fit extra information into the e-learning component, which would further increase the workload of lecturers. Therefore, Visit students advised lecturers to look at blended modules holistically and develop their courses accordingly.

Effects of teaching experience on acceptance and effectiveness of cidos psmza

The Chilean program Cidos psmza aims to reward teachers for their outstanding teaching practices by awarding them with a 6 percent annual increase in pay for up to 10 years and a publicly recognized award for their achievement. This study uses a regression discontinuity design to investigate the causal effect of this award. We find that the award increases teacher mobility within the school system, but does not alter transitions out of teaching. This finding is consistent with the idea that public merit awards can provide a credible signal of teacher quality.

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