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Cheryl Segreve | All you need to know about Cheryl Segreve

Cheryl Segreve, an American actress and author, has died at the age of 54. While she will be missed, she has left behind a very poignant legacy. From her famous role in the film My Sister’s Keeper to her career as a singer, she has carved out a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Her newest book, Death of a Hollywood Star, will be released later this year.

Family – Cheryl Segreve

Cheryl K Segreve is a 64 year old lady who has passed away. She passed away on October 16, 2022. Her family members include many nieces and nephews.

Cheryl was born on April 8, 1958. She attended Matignon High School and later earned her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. She went on to work at several places such as the Flower Depot and Newton Wellesley Hospital. In 1990 she started working for Larry & Michael. Since then her business has grown steadily.

Cheryl was married to Steven Segreve for 39 years. She is survived by her son Kenneth, and sons Aleksa Subatis and Daniel Segreve. Also, she is the mother of Kasey Beaudoin and Corinne Matthews. During her life she was also the sister of Millie Poillucci and Teddy King.

Career – Cheryl Segreve

Cheryl Segreve is a well rounded woman. She is a great mom, a fantastic wife and a good friend. However, she was diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia, and despite her best efforts, she is in remission. Her family has taken a proactive approach to the situation by raising funds to pay for her treatments. While she is a strong woman, she has been through more than her share of adversity. And with the recent passing of her dad, she is now relying on her children for the support she needs.

Despite her recent setback, she remains optimistic and positive. For a cancer survivor, that is a feat in itself. Even the doctors are impressed. As you can imagine, she is currently working on a treatment plan that is going to be very tough on her body. So, she is asking for your help.


The salary of Cheryl Segreve is not the highest in the town of Watertown.

The salary of Cheryl Segreve is not the highest in the town of Watertown. However, she did manage to have a few accomplishments to her name. She was born in 1958, and graduated from Matignon High School in 1976. A little over a decade later, she started working for Larry & Michael and has been with them ever since.

On the bright side, Cheryl is currently cancer free. Previously, she was diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia, a rare cancer, but she has made it through remission. This is good news for her family, and they plan on focusing on her well being. Although she is taking a reduced role in the business, she will still be helping out as she can.

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Cheryl Segreve is a devoted sister of Teddy King and Millie Poillucci. She has been fighting her first battle with cancer. Although she has made a successful recovery, she will still require weekly chemotherapy treatments. However, she is optimistic and continues to search for treatment solutions. Her family is working to ease the financial burden. Hopefully, their fundraising efforts will be able to help.

In 1976, she graduated from Matignon High School and went on to Northeastern University. She later worked at Frank’s Steakhouse, Hobbs Brook, Newton Wellesley Hospital, and the Flower Depot. After being diagnosed with plasma cell leukemia, Cheryl fought her battle and is now in remission. But she will need to take weekly chemotherapy treatments, which can cost thousands of dollars.


Cheryl Segreve passed away on October 16, 2022. She was 64 years old at the time of her passing. She is survived by many of her nieces and nephews. The Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation will administer a scholarship in her honor. If you are interested in donating to the cause, please visit their website.

Cheryl Segreve may have had more than one alias. She was a member of the Miller/Tracy Children’s Foundation, but she may also have been associated with other charities. Some of her other aliases are Cheryl K. Segreve, Cheryl K. Segreve, and Cheryl Segreve. There is no doubt that she was a very smart woman, and it is nice to know that she is being remembered for all of her contributions.

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