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BWW YRDSB | All You Need To Know About BWW YRDSB

The BWW YRDSB is actively participating in the digital age. We have many ways for our students to stay connected with our schools. They are active on Twitter, and Their official Twitter account is @yrdsb. BWW YRDSB also provide a learning platform called Edsby for students to log in. They are also active on Facebook and YouTube.

BWW YRDSB Religious Program Accommodations

The BWW YRDSB supports religious program accommodations for students in its school districts and recognizes the rights of students to practice their religion without discrimination or harassment. The Board limits certain practices, however, that pose a risk to the public’s safety or violate Board policies. This document provides basic descriptions of religious practices and observances.

The BWW YRDSB has implemented several policy statements that recognize the right of freedom of religion and protect students from harassment, discrimination, and other forms of discrimination. These policies aim to ensure freedom of religion within our school system and promote equity and inclusive education policies. They also support inclusive curriculum and assessment practices and foster a sense of community and partnership among members of the community.

Schools must support requests for religious program accommodations for students. Often, this includes different instruction, different assessment opportunities, or even a full withdrawal. The parent of a student seeking a religious accommodation should discuss the issue with the school principal or teacher. Providing religious program accommodations builds a sense of community for all students.


A YRDSB support for religious program accommodations is reflected in its Religious Accommodation Procedure. This policy defines roles and responsibilities of school staff in providing religious accommodations. It promotes a respectful working and learning environment.

BWW YRDSB Supports Antisemitism

The York Region District School Board has taken steps to combat antisemitism and other forms of hatred in its schools. Following a report from Statistics Canada that revealed that 56% of all police-reported hate crimes in Canada are directed against Jews, the YRDSB has strengthened its antisemitism toolkit.

Despite these threats, the YRDSB is committed to ensuring the educational success of all students. As part of this commitment, the organization works to promote a better understanding of antisemitism and promote education and awareness of its negative effects. It also works to ensure that school staff are aware of common misconceptions about Jewish learners. It also works to support the rights of Israel and its people to self-determination.

BWW YRDSB officials have also reached out to the Toronto District School Board and the Ottawa-Carlton School Board to discuss the problem. Both school boards denied that the board is complicit in antisemitic incidents. In addition, both organizations are committed to transparency and equitable educational practices.


In response to the video, the Ministry of Education ordered an investigation. It was considered antisemitic by Jewish human rights organizations. Gila Martow, a Progressive Conservative MPP in Thornhill, a town with a large Jewish population, suggested that the ministry of education reach out to the Jewish community to address the issue.

Supports Professional Learning

The BWW YRDSB supports professional learning through a number of strategies. For example, its Little Inventors program has expanded from two elementary schools to more than two hundred and seventy. The program has helped teachers increase student capacity to demonstrate multiple ways of knowing. As well, students are participating in sketchnoting workshops, which improve their understanding of problem-solving and prototyping in the real world. During the school year, the program is available online to meet the needs of students who may not be able to attend a workshop.

The YRDSB also provides staff with professional development opportunities. Several types of learning are offered, including one-day workshops, half-day conferences, and virtual courses. To ensure staff members are fully aware of the available training opportunities, YRDSB staff members are regularly consulted about any changes and priorities.

The Dual Credit program is a partnership with local colleges that allows Grade 11 and 12 students to experience a college pathway. Dual Credit allows students to earn two credits at a time, allowing them to explore their interests and pursue their educational goals. The program is free, provides students with subsidized transportation, and provides transition support. Almost all students who have completed the program recommend the program to others.

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