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Brightspace Pulse – How to Login to Brightspace Pulse

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that helps instructors and students stay on task and pace each other through coursework and exams. The app automatically populates due dates and other relevant information in a new window or tab. The user can also access their course schedule in the mobile app. This app also provides feedback to instructors and learners.

Brightspace Pulse Courses Tab

The courses tab in Brightspace is a useful tool for students who are enrolled in courses. It lets students view and re-visit their courses and displays the content modules and course homepage. Users can also save course materials for offline viewing. There are several reasons why this feature is useful for students.

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It lets students know when content is due and is updated. However, not all content will be shown in this tab. If a quiz has an open date, it will not appear on the Pulse course tab. To see when a quiz is due, students can check their course calendar. The course calendar provides an overview of course content and helps students stay on track.

The course calendar shows what course content is due in the coming weeks. Users can also check their schedule by tapping the week’s calendar. In addition to the course calendar, students can view detailed information about the course activities. They can also mark completed activities by tapping the checkmark icon. Similarly, the Course filter icon allows students to filter by course, view course content updates, and give feedback. Users can also tap the Settings icon to log out, view course versions, and view the app’s version number.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed allows instructors to share messages with their students in one central location. Instructors can post links, files, and other information in the Activity Feed to make it easier for learners to find important content. It also provides a way for learners to comment on posts. The Brightspace Pulse app is available in the global app stores.

The Activity Feed also helps students track course activities. It displays new items in courses and grades. It also provides a list of subscribers and how many updates they have received. Additionally, it can send notifications when a student is mentioned by someone on the course. Instructors can turn on the Activity Feed for their students when they first access the platform.

Brightspace Pulse Notifications

When you are signed in to Brightspace, you will see a red notification dot near the organization’s logo or the Menu icon. You can choose which notifications you want to receive. Some of the notifications available to you include email and text messages. Clicking one of the options will bring you to the Brightspace website, where you can read more about that notification.

The Brightspace Pulse app is free and available for iOS and Android mobile devices. This app allows you to stay on top of your eLearning@UNG (D2L) notifications. It also lets you view the latest activity feed for any course you are enrolled in. You can also change the language of your notification notifications if you prefer.


Brightspace Pulse provides features to create quizzes, which give administrators and students a way to assess learning. These features are accessible to all Brightspace users in all regions. Quizzes display a class average, as well as the grade and the number of correct and incorrect answers. When creating quizzes, administrators can also set a quiz start and end date. Changing the start and end date of a quiz will affect notifications.

If you need to edit an existing quiz, the new copy workflow makes it easier to do so. The drop-down menu for each quiz now includes a copy option. When the quiz is copied, it is set to inactive status, and the instructor is directed to the Quiz Edit screen. The new workflow also copies Special Access settings and aligned Learning Objectives to the copied quiz. These changes have minimal impact on the workflow for instructors.

Downloading PDF and MP4 topic files

When you are working on a course and need to read a PDF or MP4 file, you may want to download it to your mobile device. However, this option is only available for Brightspace Pulse. The downloaded files will use up storage on your mobile device, and you cannot view them in other apps. As a result, there is a limit to how many files you can download.

Before downloading PDF or MP4 files, you must first subscribe to the topics in Brightspace. Once you subscribe, you will be able to view the documents and reply to discussions. Additionally, you will be able to receive notifications about discussion activity. However, these notifications are not displayed in the notification area, and they do not trigger an alarm or vibration.

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