Brightspace HDSB – How to Access Halton District School Board

The Brightspace HDSB supports COVID-19 protocols and helps students to monitor their online behavior. It includes features like the Principal’s Blog, Code of Conduct, assessment tools, digital portfolio, online class announcements and assignments, and more. Parents can access the Brightspace HDSB in order to connect with their child.

Brightspace HDSB Login

The Thames Valley District School Board offers a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Brightspace, to help educators and students improve student learning. Students use this interactive digital learning platform to access a variety of learning tools and resources. Parents can use Brightspace to keep track of their child’s activities, while educators can grade assignments directly from the platform. Parents can also use Brightspace to access their child’s digital portfolio and view online class announcements and assignments.

COVID-19 Protocols at The Brightspace HDSB

The HDSB is committed to protecting the mental and emotional health of students. To this end, the district is updating COVID-19 protocols, boundary reviews, and advisory to ensure students are safe. It has also launched Spotlight on Schools to promote mental health awareness.

Brightspace is a Learning Management System, which delivers secondary-level courses. Students can log in to Brightspace by selecting the login icon in the Google Apps Launcher. If they are experiencing technical issues, they can submit a Brightspace Tech Support Form. They can also consult Brightspace FAQs to learn more about the tool. Brightspace has many tools that are designed to support students.

The HDSB also has digital tools for students and parents. Parents have access to a login-protected space called the Parent Portal. Here, they can access resources for their children and receive support from teachers. Teachers can also share assignments and grade assignments directly through the Brightspace.

The Halton District School Board is implementing changes to its COVID-19 protocols, which will impact all Ontario schools. One change will mean that school staff will no longer receive communication from the Halton Region Public Health and HDSB about confirmed cases. In some cases, students will no longer need to have PCR testing at a provincial Assessment Centre. Moreover, the new COVID-19 protocol no longer requires masks for students, teachers, and visitors.


If you’re experiencing trouble with Brightspace, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can ask a teacher about Brightspace, or use the Brightspace Help form to contact the school. The Principal’s Blog and Code of Conduct are two key resources you can access on Brightspace. You can also access the digital portfolio, online class announcements, and assignments. However, if you’re having trouble logging in to Brightspace, you should check out the FAQ section for students to get more information.

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