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When the Counts Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married | All Information

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When the Counts Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married

The plot of “When the counts illegitimate daughter gets marriage mangaowl” centers on Laritte Brumayer, an illegitimate daughter of the count. She is raise in an abusive household, and the count send her to marry a ghost duke who thought to have died years ago. When the ghost duke returned, Laritte’s miserable life took an even worse turn. It soon become clear that Laritte’s father not the man she had thought he was, and that he was a murderous monster.

Laritte’s Biggest Sin Was Being Born

Laritte was a child who had been born illegitimate. When the Counts Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married As a result, she was sent to marry a ghost duke who was thought to dead. But he was back, and her life only got worse. The ghost duke was both devote and murderous.

Laritte is Send to Marry Duke Ian Reinhardt

When counts illegitimate daughter Laritie is send to marry Duke Ian Reinhardst, the couple is sweep up in a series of scandals. In the first of them, Ian feels lightheaded after drinking the dragon’s tears. But Ian isn’t aware that the dragon’s tears are in fact Rose’s tears.

The wedding day was a big day for Laritte and Ian. The couple had been planning to meet at the Reinhardt mansion for five days. Ian kept an eye on Laritte, inspecting every little thing that could harm her. Ian was so stern that Oscar felt compelled to try and test his feelings, but Ian rebuffed him.

Count Reikla was a wealthy man, but his illegitimate daughter was send to marry the Duke. Count Reikla’s family was wealthy enough to stand alone, and it was unlikely that Ian would have to face them on the battlefield. Still, he had no choice but to respect the decision of the Duke. He knew he would have to face the Duke someday, and he clenched his fist when the maid announced the news.

Ian’s decision to send Laritte to marry the Duke was the right one for the family. His daughter’s safety was his top priority. Laritte had ill-prepared and was still in her night dress, her hair untidy. When the twin maids arrive in her room, she was terrifie to see a heap of dresses on her bed. When she looked around the room, she saw the pile of clothes she had to wear. The twin maids had to keep rearranging them. The twin maids were adding more dresses to her bed, until Laritte felt uncomfortable and said something. She was afraid of their reaction and asked Alice to stop.

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