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All you need to know about Lauren’s Boujee Boutique

Visiting the Lauren’s Boujee Boutique in downtown Houma, Louisiana is an experience not to be missed. Whether you are looking for a new outfit or a little gift for someone special, the boutique offers an eclectic mix of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled to Paris or New York City from the moment you walk into the store. The boutique’s staff is friendly and courteous, and will help you find the right look. The store has a large selection of clothing and accessories for both men and women, and is open seven days a week.

Moving to downtown Houma Laurens Boujee Boutique

Earlier this month, the crew for the movie, “Where the Crawdads Sing,” filmed a few scenes in Downtown Houma Lauren’s Boujee Boutique. While the filming was taking place, Lauren Rebstock of La Boujee Boutique was an extra in a few scenes. She plans to host a community gathering when the movie comes out.

The movie brought in a lot of locals last week, as crews worked to transform the downtown Houma area into a 1950s-60s-styled town. One of the scenes was Rebstock’s storefront, which was transformed into a hardware store. Rebstock and her family visited the set and got a chance to see the filming. She says it’s fun to see old-fashioned clothes on the screen, and she’s excited to see the vintage cars.

laurens boujee boutique

She says her online boutique has been a success, and she hopes to open her second location in Houma in November 2020. Also plans to continue hosting pop-up shops throughout the area. Rebstock also plans to hold community gatherings when the movie comes out. She’s excited to see Houma on the screen, and she can’t wait to meet the locals.

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