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All you need to know about Desilva Gates Aggregates

Desilva Gates Aggregates provides a complete range of services, including excavation and demolition of structures, environmental remediation, and concrete repair. They have been serving the South Florida community for over a decade. Read on to learn more about the company’s operations, employees, and projects.

About the company : Desilva Gates Aggregates

A division of the well-known DeSilva Gates Construction Company, Desilva Gates Aggregates specializes in infrastructure development and construction. Among other things, the company operates an asphalt plant and owns quarries. In addition, they offer environmental remediation services.

The company was founded in 1998 and has since become a regional leader in providing a variety of services. In fact, the company produces over 2 million tons of aggregates and over 1 million tons of asphalt mix. They have also won several awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Business Achievement Award and the Gold Medal award from the California Building Performance Institute. You can learn more about their offerings on their website, which features a comprehensive directory of their projects.

Construction services : Desilva Gates Aggregates

Not only does Desilva Gates Aggregates operate an asphalt plant and own a quarry, they also offer a host of environmental mitigation and construction services. For example, the company has completed the first asphalt plant in Sunol, California. Using the latest technology and equipment, the team at Desilva Gates managed to achieve its goal of becoming the first ever to install a state-of-the-art, high-capacity asphalt plant in the city.

Projects completed

DeSilva Gates aggregates has completed the first asphalt plant for the Sunol area. This is a big deal as the area is home to two of the largest trees in the United States and is known for its stringent air quality standards. Thankfully, this particular project has a conservation plan in place to help preserve the area.

Graniterock and DeSilva Gates have teamed up for a couple major projects at San Francisco International Airport this year. One of these is the Runway 10R-28L overlay. Another is the taxi lanes H&M realignment. These projects are the result of a joint venture called Golden Gate Constructors. During the course of this project, they completed a $1 million per day for 90 days.

International Partnering Institute

The International Partnering Institute has also recognized the best practices for the construction industry. In addition to the obvious, they have named Graniterock with its highest honor: a Gold Award. They have lauded the company for its ability to partner with other entrants in a challenging marketplace and for its willingness to test new technologies and business models. As a result of their collaborative approach, they were able to complete the SFO airport Taxi lanes H&M realignment one month early.

While it is a fact that the state of California has the most stringent air quality standards in the nation, they are also known for their sunshine and tall trees. It takes a lot of planning and patience to get involved in the area and to be successful.

Environmental remediation services offered

Environmental remediation is a process that takes place when a contaminated area affects the health of people. It is usually prompted by government agencies, which determine that the area needs to be cleaned up. Once an area has been cleaned up, it can be safe to use again. Remediation can help protect people from potential exposure to hazardous compounds. The process also improves the quality of the land previously developed.

Environmental remediation services are provided by companies that specialize in removing contaminants from a site. These companies will typically perform a site assessment to determine the level of contamination. They will then develop a plan for cleaning up the site. Typically, environmental remediation involves excavating the soil and treating it, allowing the contaminant to be removed and replaced.

When an area has been contaminated, the cleanup can help to reduce the amount of contaminant in the air, water, and soil. This helps to ensure that any buildings and equipment on the site will not be damaged. In addition to the benefits that come from restoring a contaminated area, remediated sites tend to be safer and healthier.

large-scale infrastructure

Desilva Gates Aggregates

DeSilva Gates Construction is an award-winning general engineering contractor that has been building large-scale infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1932. Since then, the company has built a variety of projects, including asphalt plants, hot-mix asphalt plants, quarries, and residential projects. Applicants for jobs with the company are considered to be qualified without regard to age, gender, or genetics. Before hiring, the company requires candidates to go through a drug screening and pre-employment screening.

In addition to the above services, the company also provides underground storage tank removal, PCB remediation, contaminated soil removal, and waste profile creation. As a result of these activities, a remediated environment can become safer, more attractive, and continue to provide support for years to come.


DeSilva Gates is one of the largest engineering and construction firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. With more than 100 employees, this company has a variety of services and specializes in infrastructure development. The firm also operates asphalt plants, quarries, and environmental remediation. Its services are used for highways, residential and commercial buildings, and schools.

The company is run by a general manager, Alan French. He is responsible for delivering hard infrastructure projects on time. In addition to this, the company’s employees enjoy a wide array of benefits. Employees at this company can look forward to enjoying a flexible work schedule, a competitive compensation package, and great co-workers. However, it’s important to note that this is just one reason why this firm is a good choice for job seekers.

A career with Desilva Gates

Another advantage of this company is the fact that its management is remarkably tough. If you are looking for a challenge, a career with Desilva Gates might be a good fit for you. For example, the firm has a strong emphasis on learning and growth, and many employees will spend at least part of their day in the field. This means that they will learn a lot about the industry they are working in and their place in it.

The company’s competitive advantage comes from its products, its services, and its pricing. Additionally, it has a wide range of customers, and it is a trusted firm. These factors contribute to the company’s growth. As a result, it is important to make sure you are ready for a career with this firm. Luckily, it is easy to apply to jobs with the company using Comparably. By submitting a resume and answering a few questions, you can be matched with a Desilva Gates Construction job opening. Once you have accepted the offer, you will have a few days to work on your resume and learn more about the company. During this period, you will also be able to discover what life is like as a Desilva Gates employee.

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